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Blue Yachting - your importer of selected sailing yachts

Allures Yachting

Allures Marke
Allures Yachting has been a respected shipyard in the bluewater scene for several years. The concept of Allures Yachting is based around its original ideology to build an ocean-going yacht which would answer a sailor`s legitimate requirements within the limits of a reasonable budget. Allures Yachting remained true to itself and...
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Elan Yachts

*Elan Yachts - Sportsmanship and safety combined at the highest level * Whereas one may prefer a quiet and cosy way of sailing, another may prefer a fast and athletic way. To guarantee a high degree of safety in a more challenging environment it is necessary to find a yacht which...
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GARCIA Yachting has been a reference in the aluminium-yacht world since 1974. Over 320 GARCIA sailing yachts are currently sailing the seven seas of the world, including the Arctic and the Antarctic. Internationally recognised in the aluminium custom-made sailing yacht market, GARCIA Yachting offers a wide range of yachts ranging from 50...
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Impression Yachts

Impression Marke
Impression Yachts has designed a full range of new deck saloon yachts to satisfy the demanding needs of modern yachtsmen. These fabulous sailing yachts have been designed with every cruising comfort in mind. The on-deck system allows for an easy sailing experience, especially for "short-handed" cruising whilst giving the space and...
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BALI Catamarans

BALI Marke
BREAK THE RULES The CATANA shipyard in France is using the best available materials to construct sailing and motor catamarans ranging from 40 - 58 feet. With the decision to build a vessel using a sandwich-structured composite with a special vacuum infusion technique including a closed cell foam, the CATANA shipyard managed...
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CATANA Catamarans

SEMI-CUSTOM LUXURY AND PERFORMANCE CATAMARANS SINCE 1984 CATANA offers MULTIHULL- fans innovation, speed and luxury without limiting the seaworthiness of its vessels. Performance, Safety and Comfort are the outstanding values of the CATANA catamarans ranging from 42 to 70 feet. CATANA catamarans are designed as a sandwich-structured composite with a vacuum infusion technique...
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Discovery Yachts

Discovery Yachts Blue Yachting
Towards the end of the 1990s, John and Caroline Charnley started looking for the perfect short-handed cruising yacht to indulge their passion for sailing, while allowing them to enjoy a level of comfort that few performance sailboats can deliver. Having failed to find a solution to meet their needs, they...
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Bluewater Catamarans

Bluewater Catamarans Blue Yachting
In the search for the perfect sailing yacht in the late 1990s, John and Caroline Charnley were unsuccessful in finding a cruising yacht which met their exceptionally high demands for performance and comfort. Consequently, they assigned the renowned designer Ron Holland with the task to design the definitive shorthanded cruising displacement...
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