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Allures Yachting

... a passion for bluewater sailing

Allures Yachting has been a respected shipyard in the bluewater scene for several years. The concept of Allures Yachting is based around its original ideology to build an ocean-going yacht which would answer a sailor`s legitimate requirements within the limits of a reasonable budget.

Allures Yachting remained true to itself and started building bluewater yachts based on a number of key principles which in combination establish the shipyards individual trademark. Key principles involve the use of aluminium for safety, a centreboard for increased freedom and GRP superstructure for performance, comfort and elegance.

Along these lines, the shipyard has been developing a range of sailing yachts designed to fulfil all sailors yearnings. The product range includes the Allures 39.9, Allures 45.9 and the Allures 52.

With the takeover of Outremer in 2007 and Garcia in 2010, the group has reached a leading position in the long distance cruising sail yacht industry.

Design and Functionality in Combination

ALLURES Yachting is best known for its exceptionally safe bluewater yachts. By combining modern design and functionality the shipyard managed to set a new landmark in the market. It is not surprising that the French yachts are especially popular with sailors who place great emphasis on safety and comfort. Thus, the Allures Yachts offer a good alternative for long-distance sailors to explore the world in a comfortable way. However, one shall not underestimate the performance capabilities of these magnificent yachts!

ALLURES Yachting sets standards in areas which are not recognisable at first sight. For example, the long-lasting experience with combining an aluminium hull with a GFRP deck. Furthermore, the construction of the hull sets a leading standard in the market. Maximum safety is guaranteed by the strong characteristics of aluminium which constitutes the main component of the semicircular frame.

The draught of the ALLURES sailing yacht can be individually controlled with the integral centreboard. The integral centreboard has the advantage that it makes the grounding of the yacht possible in tidal waters. Furthermore, the combination of low weight and a low centre of gravity allows for safe but also athletic sailing without compromises.

Due to the double steering system, one can experience a remarkable course stability and dynamic feeling of sailing.


Reliable and Trustworthy Service with Blue Yachting

Purchasing a sailing yacht is a big investment which most certainly can not be taken for granted. Therefore, we are aware of the fact that a high degree of reliability and trust is required.

Although, ALLURES Yachting is a profitable shipyard we offer the opportunity to arrange a  bank guarantee for your financial safety. Furthermore, Uli and Nils Schürg will certainly offer their full support and expertise in every phase of the purchase.

Blue Yachting has a leading position in the new- and second-hand yacht market. This shall not only involve the distribution of yachts but also the financing.

If you have a genuine interest in purchasing a new- or second-hand yacht/boat and would like to receive some more information about the product, financing options, investment opportunities etc. please do not hesitate to get in contact with us!






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