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Bluewater Catamarans

In the search for the perfect sailing yacht in the late 1990s, John and Caroline Charnley were unsuccessful in finding a cruising yacht which met their exceptionally high demands for performance and comfort.

Consequently, they assigned the renowned designer Ron Holland with the task to design the definitive shorthanded cruising displacement sailing yacht. As a result, the iconic DISCOVERY 55 was constructed which still turns heads in every new port she enters.

The enthusiasm for the DISCOVERY 55 eventually led to the establishment of the undertaking Discovery Yachts in 1998.

It took only a decade for John and Caroline to come up with a new dream. This time a new kind of sailing yacht was in their minds - a catamaran -which is able to cross the Atlantic and cruise the territorial waters of the U.S. east coast.

The catamaran was supposed to offer the same level of luxury as its monohull predecessor. However, more spatial comfort and less draught were desired by the two pioneers of luxury bluewater sailing.

Eventually, the Discovery Yachts Group instructed designer Bill Dixon with the construction of the new Bluewater 50 Catamaran.



The unique workmanship of the bluewater catamarans is well-known for its rather slim structural design, manoeuvrability and sailing characteristics in territorial waters and the high seas.

This bluewater catamaran has the same unique construction and seaworthiness as its predecessor from "Discovery Yachts" - however, with a more spacious layout.


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