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Discovery Yachts

First-Class British Boat Building Craftsmanship

Towards the end of the 1990s, John and Caroline Charnley started looking for the perfect short-handed cruising yacht to indulge their passion for sailing, while allowing them to enjoy a level of comfort that few performance sailboats can deliver. Having failed to find a solution to meet their needs, they commissioned renowned designer Ron Holland and the Discovery 55 was born.

Discovery Yachts was founded in 1998 and set out to create the world’s most perfect blue-water cruising yachts designed to take two people around the world on the ultimate journey of discovery.

More than a decade on Discovery Yachts is a thriving business with a team of over 100 working from its base in Southampton, including in-house naval architects, designers and expert craftsmen. We currently produce ten exceptional yachts per year with high levels of customisation specific to each owner.

Discovery Yachts has an ever-expanding family of large numbers of owners who share with them their stories of adventure and sailing from around the world. Everyone who works for Discovery shares in the dream that is bluewater sailing. 
The management team is dedicated to providing a service that is defined by the quality of their design, build and customer care. Owning a Discovery should be the ultimate experience of a lifetime.



A number of experienced shipbuilders and designers produce around ten exceptional Discovery yachts per year.

A high degree of individuality, to take into account the unique wishes of the customers, is natural at DISCOVERY Yachts.

Every individual employee of the DISCOVERY Group shares the same passion for bluewater sailing and the management constantly strives to offer exceptional service, design and quality to guarantee customer satisfaction.


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