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Manufacturer of exclusive aluminium sailing yachts since 1974

GARCIA Yachts has been a reference in the aluminium-yacht world since 1974.

Over 320 GARCIA sailing yachts are currently sailing the seven seas of the world, including the Arctic and the Antarctic.

Internationally recognised in the aluminium custom-made sailing yacht market, GARCIA Yachts offers a wide range of yachts ranging from 50 -115 feet. The French shipyard has already received several international awards including the renowned "International Superyacht Design Award" for its Garcia 90 ("Zubragan"), the "European Powerboat of the Year 2012" for the GT54, the "SAIL Best Boats 2015 Award" for the Exploration 45 in the U.S. and finally the "Cruising World`s 2015 Boat of the Year Award".

However, also the SEMI-custom series such as the Nouanni, Salt, Passoa and the Exploration series are a rather important reference for quality and stable value of GARCIA Yachts.

It is without a doubt that GARCIA Yachts can regard itself as a leading shipyard in the French market.

The merger of Allures, Outremer and GARCIA in 2010 led to the establishment of the GRAND LARGE YACHTING Group which further strengthened GARCIA Yachts position in the market. The constant growth of the group is supported by its latest mergers with the ALUMARINE shipyard and OCEAN VOYAGER. The ALUMARINE shipyard is specialised in the construction of commercial vessels such as ferryboats, supply ships and public-authority ships and joined the group in 2013. OCEAN VOYAGER, which is building day-charter catamarans between 53-82 feet for the tourist industry joined the group in 2015.


The combination of diverse undertakings and shipyards makes the GRAND LARGE YACHTING Group a highly-qualified partner for the construction of sailing yachts, catamarans and commercial vessels.

The different stages of construction are being carried out by specialised employees within the group. Such outstanding expertise and ideal organisational structure allows for high quality, accuracy and a punctual observance of delivery deadlines

Whether custom-made or semi-custom made, the collaboration of highly renowned yacht designers and architects such as Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design, Joubert-Nivelt Yacht Design or Gilles Vaton Yacht Design makes a high degree of individualisation possible.

Furthermore, GRAND LARGE YACHTING works with a 3D- construction software which is also applied by undertakings such as Porsche and Boeing. The entire building project can thus be planned and constructed with great attention to detail.

If interested, we should be very pleased to show you around the shipyard in Cherbourg, France.


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